By Oiva Angula
20 February 2015

Telecom Namibia, the Namibian sole integrated communications provider and incumbent telecom operator, today unveiled enhanced packages of its fixed mobile convergence (FMC) product range, known as tn1.

By Oiva Angula
9 March 2015

Telecom Namibia to host first WACS upgrade meeting

The West Africa Cable System (WACS) Consortium is meeting in Windhoek to discuss the upgrade of the system’s capacity in view of the enormous bandwidth update since commissioning in May 2013.

CDMA Switch and 3G-EvDO services stopped

Telecom Namibia will discontinue both the Switch voice and 3G-EvDO data services on its legacy CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network. All CDMA sites will be shut down on 31 March 2015 as most customers have be transitioned off CDMA and onto the TN Mobile’s faster HSPA+/4G LTE networks.The entire CDMA footprint is already covered with GSM which we began building in 2013.



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