Windhoek, 17 July 2024 – Telecom Namibia has reaffirmed its dedication to fostering Namibia’s ICT sector by committing a platinum sponsorship of N$110,000 to the upcoming National ICT Summit. Scheduled to take place from 9 to 11 September 2024 in Windhoek, the summit will explore the critical theme of "Building resilience to ‘Adapt or Die’ in the era of Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)."

Windhoek, Namibia – June 23, 2024 – Telecom Namibia (TN) is pleased to announce significant progress in its ongoing SIM card registration initiative.

Telecom Namibia transcends its role as a telecommunications provider, emerging as a critical engine for national development in Namibia. The company's dedication to expanding and improving its network infrastructure directly impacts both economic prosperity and social advancement throughout the country. By ensuring that all Namibians have access to reliable and high-quality mobile services, Telecom Namibia empowers individuals, businesses, and communities to participate more fully in the digital age.



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