1 October 2012

Employees of Telecom Namibia have received increases in salaries, following negotiations on wages and benefits between the company’s management and the Namibia Public Workers Union (Napwu).

As per the agreement reached by the two parties on September 20 this year, the increases in salaries will be implemented from October 1. Basic salaries for employees in the Paterson job grades A2 to C3 will have their salaries increased by 8%. Employees in the job grade C-Upper will have a 6% increase and the total packages for employees in job grades D1 to D3 will also be increased by 6%. The monthly housing allowance for employees in job grades A2 to A3 will be increased by N$100, and their monthly transport allowance will be increased by N$80.

“This agreement, in my estimation, is a good one since it captures the principles of inflation-based adjustments.

This agreement reflects the maturity of the leadership of Telecom Namibia and Napwu.It shows that Telecom Namibia cares about the quality of life for our most important resource - our employees,” said Telecom Namibia’s Managing Director Frans Ndoroma, before he signed the agreement on 26 September.

Ndoroma also said the agreement reflects their awareness of the realities of the macro-economic environment in which Telecom Namibia operates as a business. He stated that the agreement balances the impact of inflation and the sustainability of escalating labour costs.

“When labour costs are allowed to run wild, they present risks to jobs and levels of employment,” noted Ndoroma. He further said that the negotiations for increases in salaries were conducted within a commendable spirit, which served the interests of all the parties concerned - particularly the Telecom Namibia employees. He applauded the outstanding leadership displayed by the negotiating teams of the two parties, as the agreement was reached in a record period of two days.

Napwu General Secretary Petrus Nevonga hailed the agreement as a real significant achievement, when one takes into consideration the numerous media reports about protracted and destructive wage negotiations that are currently taking place in the country. He thanked the negotiating teams of the two parties for working hard and tirelessly to secure the agreement without the involvement of outside entities.



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