Get TN Broadband services and be assured for a fast, reliable and secure internet service!

Telecom Namibia (TN) Broadband options are complete broadband services with high-speed service, unlimited downloads, internet on the go, and much more. TN Broadband provides you fast download at varying speeds, so you can get everything the Internet has to offer, including downloading music, videos and playing online games. TN Mobile Broadband helps you surf the net in and out of home when on the move.

Why TN Broadband

TN provides a range of choices on various broadband options, both broadband on its own or with an added service of TN phone line.

TN Broadband is fast and reliable, you can talk and surf at the same time, home Hub to support multiple computers, affordable tariff plans and security.

TN wants to make the Internet accessible to everyone. The objective of our latest action is to allow the internet user to connect without fear. Whatever time they spend connected, they pay less.

No capping on fixed broadband

TN's Fixed Broadband subscribers can access all the amazing information available on the world-wide web, send and receive email both locally and worldwide, do business on-line, and more with no limits on usage at a flat rate. This incredible offer is enjoyed by all ADSL and WiMAX customers, be they home users or companies.

TN fixed broadband packages offer the following benefits:

  • Is a fantastically affordable solution for those requiring high access speeds with no cap restrictions.
  • Uncapped means no need to top up accounts or repeatedly change settings.
  • It is easy to budget for with fixed monthly fees and no hidden costs.

All Fixed Broadband services should be seen as a "best-effort" service. Speeds experienced will fluctuate depending on distance and usage on TN's network.



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