Windhoek, 1 February 2021 - The CEO of Telecom Namibia, Dr Stanley Shanapinda commenced with CEOs Roadshow 2021 on the 1st of February in Windhoek. Under the theme “A new way to a digital future”, the CEO addressed members of his staff by expressing that it will no longer be business as usual at Telecom Namibia.

Dr Shanapinda kicked of his roadshow by sharing his vision for TN by hosting a face-face meeting with 50 employees at the PC Center, while the rest of the over 1000 employees across Namibia received the message through using a web-based conferencing tool. With the ability that comes through digital transformation, employees from all over the country were able to engage with the CEO in a two-way dialogue to share in TN’s re-imagined dream.

In his first 100 days, Shanapinda said he plans to disrupt the ICT market with products and services that cater to the needs of customers, emphasizing that customer-centricity is key. The company has identified new ways to sell, to do business, to grow revenues, to enhance shareholder value, to engage employees and stakeholders.

“It is the self-disruption of Telecom Namibia from the inside, it’s a digital disruption of the ICT sector, a disruption of mobile services. It’s the New Way to dream about the new and re-imagined Telecom Namibia”, he said.

His vision which is people-centric, also includes TN becoming a streamlined business that prides itself on a data-centric model, with a digitally transformed business operation, in the way the company provides services and interact with its customers. “The vision is to have a more streamlined Telecom Namibia, that is efficient in its businesses processes and the way in which it provides services to its customers”, he further added.

In conclusion the CEO urged all employee to do their part in order to achieve Telecom’s ultimate mission of providing superior solutions and experience to our customers. “Show up to work on time, if not earlier, work a little longer and outside your traditional job description. Above all else, encourage and motivate each other”, he concluded.

The CEO accompanied by members of EXCO will visit all parts of the country during the CEOs Roadshow 2021. He will also meet with customers to hear their concerns and suggestions for service delivery improvement. He will use this opportunity to further communicate and cement his vision for Telecom Namibia and similarly allow staff to ask questions and provide feedback and ideas. 


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