27 June 2019

Economist Businesswomen Projects launched the annual Businesswomen Conference in partnership with Telecom Namibia and Standard Bank on Thursday. The Conference is scheduled for Ongwediva in August this year.

The conference is an opportunity for transfer of skills and expertise to ensure the personal development of women.

Speaking at the event, Nomvula Kondombolo-Kambinda, Head: Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Telecom Namibia said: “As sponsors, we are pleased with the balance of topics usually covered during the Conference and trust that all women taking part in the Conference will walk away with skills they can use in their careers or business ventures.”

“The Namibian Businesswomen Conference is a great platform for knowledge sharing and entrepreneurial growth, and Telecom Namibia is proud to be a sponsor contributing the required funds to ensure the event is hosted. Telecom Namibia contributed N$276,713.00 towards the overall activities of the Namibia Businesswomen Project for the year. This sponsorship does not only ensure that the various events under the Businesswomen Project are hosted successfully but it has long-term positive impact on the participants,” Kondombolo-Kambinda added.

“I believe that the Conference presents an effective platform to help cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs and professionals. It is thus my wish that the organising team will once again put together an experienced panel of speakers to steer conversations in the right direction,” she said.

“I trust the event will be dominated by positive debates that would spark innovative ideas and that these ideas would be brought to life to help turnaround our economy,” she added.

Kondombolo-Kambinda encourage all women in the northern part of the country and those who can travel to the area to attend the Conference.

Chairperson of the Economist Businesswomen Projects, Desere Lundon-Muller explaining the aim of the conference said “it is to create an opportunity for women to share their expertise and skills, network, support one another and to create worthwhile business relationships whereby they can be held accountable for their regions. Together all women create a business-driven membership network that encourages entrepreneurship and promote personal development and management skills.”

The event was attended by Sara Elago, Patron of the Conference and Namibian Businesswoman of the Year 1999, Isack Hamata of Standard Bank Namibia who are co-sponsors of the Conference and Silas Newaka who represented the Namibia Business Innovation Centre (NBII). NBII is an implementing partner and provide business skills and training

FLTR: Hilja Amvula, competition winner of the 2018 Businesswomen Conference, Isack Hamata, Manager PR & Communications at Standard Bank of Namibia, Nomvula Kondombolo-Kambinda, Head: Corporate Communications & Public Relations at Telecom Namibia, Sara Elago, Patron and Namibian Businesswoman of the Year 1999, Desere Lundon-Muller, Chairperson of the Economist Businesswomen Projects and Silas Newaka, Innovation Manager, Namibia Business Innovation Centre (NBII) during the launch of the Conference.



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