By Oiva Angula
16 September 2018

Telecom Namibia, the country’s leading converged ICT service provider, has launched a free home Internet installation promotion to help families get online. This comes as the Government is urging ICT service providers to find ways to make Internet services more accessible to ordinary Namibians.

As from 14 September 2018, Telecom Namibia is now offering free installation on all its unlimited home Internet packages, resulting in substantial savings for customers.

Under this promotional offer which is valid till 14 November 2018, new customers who wish to avail Telecom Namibia’s Internet services can get their connection without paying for any installation fee. The  100 percent waiver on installation charges for new home Internet connections is applicable on Telecom Namibia’s unlimited Speedlink Home, Speedlink Lite and Speedlink Liteplus packages for a limited time only.

This means that all households who are able to afford any of Telecom Namibia’s unlimited Internet packages can do so at no charge to them. This increases the accessibility of Internet services, while allowing Telecom Namibia to offer value added services to customer and consolidate the lead in the data services market.

Benefits expected with the waiving of installation fees is to give families Internet access characterised by high bandwidth and low costs. This outcome is likely to result to substantial growth in the number of home Internet users.

Telecom Namibia is in a process of revamping its Internet home service by installing new multi-service access node (MSAN), as well as fibre to the home to provide fast, reliable and affordable Internet solution with high Internet capabilities of up to 120Mbps with our unlimited Speedlink Liteplus package.

Telecom Namibia is currently running another promotion allowing customers to increase their unlimited home Speedlink connection speed from 1Mbps to 2Mbps at a low monthly incremental cost of N$99 on all Speedlink Lite and Speedlink Home contracts. Such an upgrade allows for rapid downloads, snaps and uploads.

The promotion kicked off 12 September 2018 and is valid for a period of three months until 12 December 2018.

With the continued expansion of our fibre coverage throughout the country, Telecom Namibia is of the view that this is the perfect time to provide customers with even greater value. With this promotion, we are elevating the digital landscape of all new and existing customers, rewarding them for choosing the cost-effectiveness and reliability of our brand.




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