10 May 2017

Telecom Namibia now offers customers across the country a new “Unlimited Call Plan” package with unlimited Local and National calls for N$ 299 a month.

The voice calling package will be available for post-paid residential customers only.

With the new Unlimited Plan, Telecom Namibia customers are set to enjoy unlimited Local and National calls for the duration of the month to its fixed and mobile networks along with 300 anytime minutes to call other fixed and mobile networks. However, standard fixed and mobile rates are applicable for out of bundle calls

The package allows customers pay a once off monthly fee of N$ 299 thereby enabling them to connect with any Telecom Namibia or TN Mobile customer across Namibia.

The unlimited plan is devised to offer maximum value in terms of voice to all Telecom Namibia customers by allowing them to talk longer for less. With unlimited talk time at a best price, the unlimited voice calling package will suit the ever-increasing demands of customers to stay connected.

As people in Namibia get into the winter mode, they will tend to stay better connected with their loved ones. Providing them with seamless connectivity at an affordable price point, we have launched these exciting voice packs that enable Telecom Namibia residential postpaid customers to make unlimited voice calls across the country. We hope they make the best out of this value proposition.

In other words, this is a winter bonanza for our customers. We want our customers to make maximum utilisation of voice during winter as they will be indoor most of the time. We will continue to delight our customers with our superior user experience. This is indeed another initiative from Telecom Namibia to bring innovative offers to our customers in line with our endeavour to provide the great value backed by a superior network experience.

The special for this special voice flat rate package runs from 15 May to 15 August 2017, and a normal installation fee of N$ 222 applies for new line installation.

A customer who subscribes for the package during the special run are be able to use the service for as long as he/she wants to.



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