12 October 2010

Telecom Namibia recently signed a wage and benefit agreement that will cost the company no less than N$18.2 million for the 2010/2011 financial year.

Telecom Namibia met with the Namibia Public Workers Union (NAPWU) to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on wages and benefits for its employees destined for the new financial year.

Telecom Namibia committed itself to increasing the basic salary for employees in the bargaining unit for Paterson job grades A2-D3 by 9.2% across the board as from 1st October 2010, as well as an increase in other benefits.

Managing Director of Telecom Namibia Frans Ndoroma, at the signing ceremony of the MoU said the agreement is the outcome of two weeks of intensive negotiations.

`It is a deal that will help to increase incomes and improve living conditions of our employees,` he said.

`The short period in which this agreement was reached is proof of the sincerity, trust, teamwork, confidence and mutual respect which not only permeated the whole negotiation process but also characterizes employee relations within Telecom Namibia,` he added.

Ndoroma expressed his pride in the agreement, adding: `Given the current economic realities, it is a very good agreement for Telecom Namibia. It is a very good agreement for our employees,`

NAPWU General Secretary Peter Nevonga said that labour relations between the union and Telecom Namibia are sound.

`We commit ourselves to promote sound labour relations and endeavour to find amicable solutions for problems as they arise,` he said.

Nevonga also urged employees to increase productivity and encouraged the management of Telecom Namibia to support these efforts on the part of Telecom Namibia workers.



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