Under the celebratory theme "The Great Namibian Journey" Switch is Fully Mobile, Telecom Namibia officially launched its Switch Mobile road-show in Windhoek on 26 February 2010.

Close to 200 business executives, ICT captains of industry and VIP's attended the launch which was officiated by the Minister of Information and Communication Technology Joel Kaapanda.

"I wish to applaud Telecom Namibia for the excellent idea to take Switch on the road," Minister Kaapanda said.

"The Switch road-show and mini-festivals have the distinct advantage of providing Telecom Namibia with the opportunity to touch base with end users, gather feedback to further improve its Switch products and create further brand and product awareness in the market," he said.

The Switch road-show is a celebratory, joyous event that began February 26 and runs until 24 April 2010, during the first phase covering the Oshikoto, Oshana, Ohangwena and Omusati regions. "The Great Namibian Journey“ SWITCH is Fully Mobile road-show promises to be a fun-filled, information-packed event featuring regional mini-launches, promotional road-shows, cultural 'festivals', competitions, interactive games with the crowd and music performances in the various regions.

The latest celebrations of Switch Mobile come against the background three years ago when it was initially introduced as a fully mobile voice and data service but shortly thereafter its mobile voice component was restricted by Cabinet in February 2007. As a result of the imposed restriction the Switch voice service was confined to certain geographical areas and towns.

However two years later, Government officially lifted the temporary restriction on Telecom Namibia's Switch Mobile voice service on 12 May 2009.

The great news for customers is that the use of the Switch Mobile phone is no longer restricted only to a town where you stay, but allows you to freely roam anywhere in Namibia where the service is available. In view of these positive developments, Managing Director of Telecom Namibia Frans Ndoroma said the lifting of the restriction was a welcome gesture not only for Telecom Namibia in view of the huge investments made to deliver the full service to customers, but was also in the best interest of the industry and consumers.

"The de-restriction of Switch Mobile is a cause for celebration. The Great Namibian Journey" Switch is Fully Mobile road show is a celebration of change and freedom of choice. We have always maintained that a limited mobile service has got no meaning in toda's telecom scenario and is not in the interest of consumers," said Ndoroma.

Quoting from a recent NEPRU report which dealt with price transparency for Namibia's telecommunication sector, Switch remains the cheapest products for all but the passive user basket.

For a low user, who makes on average one call a day and sends one SMS to someone every second day, Telecom Namibia's price reduction has led to SWITCH being the cheapest product for the low user basket at N$19.56 a month.

For a medium user, who makes about four calls a day and sends one SMS day, the top four cheapest products for the medium user basket are occupied by Telecom Namibia's SWITCH products. The cheapest of them being N$84.13 a month.

For a high user, who makes about six calls a day and sends two SMSs a day, Telecom Namibia is the price leader for this basket. The higher user basket would cost a SWITCH easy or time user N$141.71 a month.

The NEPRU reports further points out that for International users, Telecom Namibia's SWITCH products offer the best value for money.

"These are the hard facts about Telecom Namibia's Switch Mobile," Ndoroma added. "That makes this event really a great celebration and for a very good reason," he concluded.



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