By Oiva Angula
20 February 2015

Telecom Namibia, the Namibian sole integrated communications provider and incumbent telecom operator, today unveiled enhanced packages of its fixed mobile convergence (FMC) product range, known as tn1.

The products - grouped as Maxi, Maxi Plus and Maxi Pro - are customised for its home and office users, with most of them combining landline rental, data, calls, mobile handsets, mobile SIMs, 3G/4G dongles and fixed broadband connection - all on a 24-months postpaid contract.

Some of the new packages are based on the revolutionary 'bring your own device' (BYOD) concept, ushering in a new phase of product innovation to the Namibian market.

Acting Head of Marketing Isak Ouseb said the offerings are available at multiple price points to enable customers to choose the most suitable package depending on their needs and usage.

“With the introduction of new FMC products and the enhancement of offerings on the existing ones, Telecom Namibia now offers the only economical converged packages for home and offices in the country. Telecom Namibia is also offering free installation for these products for the next two months,” Ouseb said.

The entry-level product Maxi, costing N$522 per month, gives customers the power of fixed and mobile Internet access, all in one easy to manage package. This postpaid hybrid package is a fixed and mobile data only product with 2GB free mobile data and a 1024k fixed Internet connection with unlimited Internet usage. An attractive preferential out of bundle mobile data rate of 65c/MB is applicable.

The second product is Maxi Plus which combines the power of the company’s fixed and mobile technology to offer customers new possibilities in voice and data services.

A customer gets 500 free mobile voice minutes (for calling national networks), 5GB free mobile data, 100 free SMS and a 2048k fixed connection with unlimited Internet access. Another freebie is unlimited free calls between numbers on the Maxi Plus product. This product comes with an out of bundle preferential rates of 65c/Min for national voice calls, 65c/MB for mobile data and 35c/SMS.

A third product - named Maxi Pro - is offered in three variations (Entry, Standard and Advanced). This is a converged business solution that is immediately available for Namibian businesses. This product adds value and broadens Telecom Namibia’s best-in-class product offering to businesses, with preferential rates for voice and data to small, mid-sized and large businesses.

Maxi Pro packages are bundled with 300MB, 500MB and 1024MB of free mobile data, including free mobile voice minutes of 150, 200 and 300, as well as free SMS of 150, 300 and 500 per month.

The out of bundle usage rate is 65c/MB and 35c/SMS.

Call forwarding and least cost routing as well as calls inside and outside the group enjoy special rates.

The most innovative package in our FMC basket is the Maxi Pro Essential. Costing N$999, it offers 2GB mobile data access, 500 minutes of calls to mobiles and landlines and 100 SMS per month. Besides, it offers two phone lines plus a mobile phone with unlimited free calls in closed user group (CUG), with call forwarding from fixed line to mobile for free.

"We will continue to aggressively roll out products and services that best meet the ever changing needs of our customers," Ouseb said

He said the latest enriched FMC packages will make it easier for individuals, businesses and government agencies to enhance employee mobility and productivity and forms part of Telecom Namibia’s overall FMC strategy, which builds on the power of the company's vast, world-class fixed and mobile networks.



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