Product Description

Speedlink Prepaid enables customers to pay for internet service in advance which includes installation and rental for a period of 12-months. Customer will purchase their own CPE (Cash only).

Customer benefits

  • No ITC check
  • Unlimited, always-on and high speed Internet access
  • No contract
  • No monthly bills


Package 2048k 4096k 6144k 8192k 10240k
Download Speed 2048k 4096k 6144k 8192k 10240k
Upload Speed 1024k 2048k 2048k 2048k 2048k
Installation Included
CPE Excluded
Internet usage Unlimited
Once-off fee (N$ Vat Excl.) 4,130 5,786 7,067 12,587 15,722

All pricing excluding VAT
Terms & Conditions Apply



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