1. What is tn mobile International Voice Bundles?

  • tn mobile International Voice Bundles offers tn mobile Prepaid and Hybrid customers bundled Voice Minutes for calls to Angola, China, South Africa and Zimbabwe . The customers will subscribe to the bundled Voice Minutes of choice via USSD *100#. Upon Subscription, the Amount (N$) equivalent to the preferred bundled Minutes will be deducted and the customer’s International Wallet account will be loaded with the bundled Minutes.

2. How does a customer subscribe to International Voice Bundles?

  • To subscribe, dial *100# and follow the instructions on the Main Menu
  • e.g., if you want 30 Minutes for calls to South Africa, dial *100# and follow the steps below:
DIAL *100#
Select 2. Subscriptions Select 4. Voice Packages Select 3. South Africa Select 1. 30 Minutes
1. Balance Enquiry
2. Subscriptions
3. Services
4. Content
5. Help
1. Packages
2. Data Packages
3. SMS Packages
4. Voice Packages
5. Blackberry
1. Angola
2. China
3. South Africa
4. Zimbabwe
1. 30 Minutes
2. 50 Minutes
2. 100 Minutes
4. 200 Minutes

3. How many International Voice Bundles are available and what is the cost per Bundle?

  • The table below show all the International Voice Bundles and the price per Bundle
DIAL *100#
Angola China South Africa Zimbabwe
30 Minutes N$ 85.00 N$ 85.00 N$ 75.00 N$ 178.00
50 Minutes N$ 135.00 N$ 135.00 N$ 125.00 N$ 288.00
100 Minutes N$ 245.00 N$ 245.00 N$ 235.00 N$ 558.00
200 Minutes N$ 465.00 N$ 445.00 N$ 395.00 N$ 1068.00

Note: The Subscription balance is the actual amount that the customer must have in the main account. If the account balance is N$0.00, the customer have to recharge and VAT apply on all recharges

4. Who will be able to subscribe to International Voice Bundles packages?

  • Prepaid & Hybrid customers

5. What benefits will a customer receive upon subscription?

  • International Voice Bundles to Angola, China, South Africa and/or Zimbabwe which offers customers lower International call rate than the standard International tariffs/rates

6. How long is the promotion?

  • 3 months, from 13-April-2017 to 13-July-2017

7. Can a customer subscribe to other packages e.g. Jiva while having International Voice Bundles?

  • Yes, the customer can still subscribe to any other package while having International Voice Bundles.

8. Can a customer share the International Voice Bundles?

  • No, customers cannot share or transfer International Voice Bundles

9. What is the validity period for the International Voice Bundles?

  • When the customer subscribe to International Voice Bundle, the Voice Bundle that are not used will be valid/available for 3 months

10. Can a customer recharge while on the International Voice Bundles package?

  • Yes, Customers can still top up their accounts while subscribed to the International Voice Bundles

11. What are the terms and conditions?

  • International Voice Bundles are only applicable to Prepaid & Hybrid customers
  • International Voice Bundles are not applicable when roaming
  • International Voice Bundles takes precedence over normal airtime balance. If the customer is having airtime and International Voice Bundles, the international call charges will first be deducted from the International Voice Bundles and then normal airtime
  • Customers can buy more than 1 Voice Bundle at the same time.
  • Customers cannot share or transfer International Voice Bundles
  • When the customer subscribe to International Voice Bundle, the Bundles that are not used/depleted will be valid/available for 3 months

12. Customer Care Centre

  • Call 120 from a tn mobile number, 085120 if you are calling from a non tn mobile number or +264851004000 if you are calling from outside Namibia or send an SMS to 120


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