Voice Mail Services
Activate your voice mail by calling 12300, and follow the easy step by step tutorial

Check your balance
Send a blank SMS to 12400, or call 13900 to hear your balance

Enter the voucher pin in a message and send the SMS to 12400 (Pre-paid airtime is subject to 15%VAT)

Share your love… send airtime from your phone
SMS ‘S’ or ‘Share’, the mobile number and the amount (e.g. S 0855550000 30) to 12400 (Only to and from tn mobile pre-paid numbers)

Conference Calling
This allows you to call 5 numbers simultaneously and have one conversation (Initiator is liable for all the cost occurred)

Hide Callers ID
Hide your number when making calls, by activating the option on your handset

Contact our Call Centre on 11000 for more tips and information.


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