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DESCRIPTION: Copper Fiber Civil Works and Splicing for Telecom Namibia for a period of 3 years.

CLOSE DATE: 16-Jun-20

  Windhoek & Central BA Coastal BA Noth-East BA Southern BA Far North BA
Items   Copy & Orig. Cate
  Copy & Orig. Cate
  Copy & Orig.


  Copy & Orig. Cate
  Copy & Orig. Cate
1 Flame Investments cc Yes   Item Engineering cc Yes 3 Panduleni Electrical and Civil Construction Yes 3 ABM Safety Soutions cc     Yes   EM Dentlinger Civil cc Yes 3
2 Gecko Fifty-Eight Investment cc  JV Royal Contractors cc Yes 3 WB Bou     Paladime Engineering cc Yes 3 Swartmodder Construction cc Yes 3 Positron Engineering Services Yes 1
3 Razi Construction cc Yes 3 Otis Trading Enterprise cc Yes 1 Rokwe Trading cc Yes   ABnC Investment cc Yes   Waponyo Trading cc Yes 3
4 Octagon Construction Yes   Etushi-P Investment cc Yes   Ecostructive Trading cc Yes   C and Sons Petrol Pumps Yes 3 Kauyandjaamwa Trading c Yes 3
5 Zola Trading Enterprises cc Yes   Simx Investment Pty Ltd     Strutheum Consulting cc Yes   Wilbur Van Zyl Investment cc Yes 3 Kaptau Consumables Supplies    
Exclusive Multimedia Investment cc
Yes   Vihasco's Investments cc Yes   DO Industrial Trading cc Yes 3       Omhangela Construction cc Yes   3
7 Ondjaba Mupayulashixwa Invesments cc     Ndemuongela Teleline Trading Enterprises Cc Yes 1 Shiimi Electrical Services and Construction cc Yes 1       Ngowela Trading cc  Yes    3
8 Fo-sho Autorepair and Engineering Yes 1 ModTech Electric CC Yes 1 Utopia Investment cc Yes 3       M. Shikongo's Investments Group cc  Yes    3
9 Roukamp Telecommunications cc Yes   Ricco Investment Trading CC Yes 1 Mafikeng Investment Cc Yes 3       SMEK Trading Enterprises cc  Yes    3
10 W. M. Bruwer Contruction & Renovations Yes   Coastline Consulting Services CC     Jaqueline Investment cc Yes 3       S.Shikongo Construction and Renovation cc  Yes    
11 Afriwalls Investment cc Yes 3       Grand Truck Trading CC Yes         Saper Technology cc  Yes   2
12 Hepcules Investment cc Yes 3       Efranto Investment Cc Yes 1       Ndemuuda Investment Cc  Yes   3
13 Fibre Communications Namibia cc Yes         Omuara Investment Cc     Yes          Omatando Construction Cc Yes   
14 Etemo Trading Enterprises cc Yes                     Spikes Construction  Yes  3
15 Hermans Technology Civil Works cc Yes 1                   Veshat Investment Cc    1
16 House of Bravanze Yes 3                   Fivecents Investment Cc Yes    1
17 Amutanga Trading Enterprises cc Yes                     Theroots Investment Cc Yes   
18 Ois Investment cc Yes 2                   Orifice Investment Cc Yes   
19 PMPH & Construction JV Penautu Trading cc Yes 1                        
20 Green Enterprises Solutions (Pty) Ltd Yes 3                        
21 Divers Investments cc Yes                          
22 Mopani Trading cc Yes 2                        
23 Multi Solutions cc Yes 1                        
24 Zensor Investment cc Yes 3                        
25 BRJ Investment cc Yes                          
26 Schoemans Technologies Yes                          
27 KOTW Investment cc Yes 3                        
28 The Kongom group (Pty) Ltd Yes 3                        
29 Safe Electric & Aircorn Cc Yes 3                        
30 A and P Trading Cc Yes                          
31 Omunyandji Investment Cc                            
32 Meyameno Property Investment Cc Yes 1                        
33 Ulipamwe Multi Engineering Cc Yes                          
34 Visual Microcomputers System Cc Yes 1                        
35 LDP Investment Cc   3                        
36 Protecton Engineering Namibia Cc Yes 1                        
37 Cassava Investment cc                            
38 Omuyandji Investment Cc   1                        
39 Urban Engineering Cc   3                        
40 N Nuujoma Consulting Engineers Cc  Yes 3                        
41 AMSWOHL Plant Hire Cc   3                        
42 James & Young Trading Enteprises Cc  Yes 1                        
43 Pacific Solutions and Investment Cc Yes                          
44 Palladium Civil Engineering Yes 1                        
45 GG Shooya Electrical Cc                            
46 Deme Investment Cc                            
47 BRC Trading Enterprises                             
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