When busy with a call, this service alerts you by means of a tone that there is another incoming call. Call Waiting should be activated first before you can use it.

To activate

  • Press *43#
  • If ring tone is heard, programming is successful

To deactivate

  • Press #43#

Other Options:

  • To answer an incoming call while you are already busy with another call, press the Recall /Flash button and 2 to answer the new incoming call.
  • The first caller will immediately be put on hold.
  • To switch between the two callers press the Recall /Flash button and 2.
  • Press Recall /Flash and 0 if you do not want to answer the incoming call.

Product/service Benefits

Notification of additional incoming call

Who the products are for

  1. Small Enterprises
  2. SOHO's
  3. Residential


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