Great news for Telecom Namibia customers! We're making significant strides in transforming our billing and service systems through the Cinceho Project, designed to bring you a more efficient and streamlined experience.

Enhanced Prepaid Mobile Services on the Horizon

The project is off to a flying start with the successful completion of the planning stage for our prepaid mobile services. The groundwork is now laid for a smoother, more efficient system specifically designed to meet your prepaid mobile needs.

Phased Approach for a Seamless Transition

We understand the importance of minimizing disruption. The Cinceho Project will follow a phased approach, ensuring a thorough transition for all our services. Following the completion of the prepaid mobile improvements, we'll be tackling post-paid mobile and fixed line systems. This ensures a smooth transition for each service type, while paving the way for a more comprehensive and efficient overall system.

Keeping You Informed Every Step of the Way

We're committed to transparency throughout this process. We'll be providing regular updates to keep you informed about the project's progress. This includes clear communication on timelines and any upcoming changes that may affect your service.

A Brighter Future for Telecom Namibia Customers

The Cinceho Project is more than just a system upgrade; it's about enhancing your experience with Telecom Namibia. We're confident that this transformation will lead to faster response times, improved service delivery, and a more user-friendly experience for all our valued customers.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we implement these exciting improvements. We're committed to delivering the best possible service to you.



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