Windhoek, 10 November 2023 - Telecom Namibia has signed an agreement with Huawei, a global leader in information and communications technology, to deliver a fixed-mobile convergence core network (FMC Core).

This is the second major digital transformation and network modernisation agreement the company has signed, since signing the N$327 OSS/BSS billing system agreement with the Spanish company SATEC earlier this year in June, as part of its turnaround strategy as outlined in its 2027 integrated strategic business plan.

Fixed-mobile convergence is a major advance in telecommunications that removes the distinctions between fixed and mobile telecommunications networks. In doing so, fixed-mobile convergence provides a superior experience to customers. It does this by creating seamless services, using a combination of fixed broadband and local access wireless technologies, to meet customer needs in homes, offices, other buildings and on the go.

This collaboration thus brings forth a multitude of benefits for customers and allows Telecom Namibia to innovate with its service offerings by blending broadband and content - a must, to help the company achieve its goal of providing innovative services to its customers and to grow its market share. Some of the key customer advantages include:

  1. Enhanced efficiency: By replacing multiple exchanges with a unified system, Telecom Namibia will streamline operations, resulting in increased efficiency and improved service delivery.
  2. Seamless services and connectivity: The fixed-mobile convergence network will provide customers with seamless connectivity, allowing them to enjoy uninterrupted services regardless of their location. Whether it is voice or data services, customers can expect a reliable and consistent experience.
  3. Uninterrupted services and connectivity: The implementation of the uninterrupted services network will introduce redundancy, ensuring uninterrupted services even in the event of system downtime. With two sites in place, customers will experience seamless connectivity at all times.
  • Improved customer experience: Telecom Namibia’s customers can look forward to a wider range of enhanced rich communication services that will cater to their evolving needs. The new network will enable the introduction of agile solutions that combine data and voice services, providing a more comprehensive and seamless communication experience.
  1. Energy efficiency and cost savings: By adopting a more energy-efficient infrastructure, Telecom Namibia can pass on savings to its customers. The fixed-mobile convergence network will contribute to reduced energy consumption, resulting in more affordable services for customers.
  2. Innovative products and services: The introduction of the fixed-mobile convergence network will enable the integration of cloud-based technologies, such as SIP trunking and a cloud-based hosted PBX system. These advancements will empower customers to have fixed number mobility, ensuring seamless connectivity regardless of their location.

As part of Telecom Namibia’s commitment to replace obsolete technologies and embracing the digital era, the service to be delivered by Huawei will play a pivotal role in achieving the network modernisation objective, aimed at enabling the 4IR.

To solidify the commitment to deliver enhanced services to its customers, Telecom Namibia, and Huawei, held a signing ceremony on  10 November 2023, which marks the commencement of the project aimed at revolutionizing the telecommunications landscape in Namibia. Dr. Stanley Shanapinda, Telecom Namibia’s Chief Executive Officer signed the agreement on behalf of Telecom Namibia, and Michael Zhang on behalf of Huawei.

Telecom Namibia’s decision to implement the FMC Core Network is a strategic initiative under Telecom Namibia’s recently launched five-year Integrated Strategic Business Plan (ISBP), unveiled on June 22, 2023.

In summary, Telecom Namibia will benefit from operational efficiency as the implementation will streamline Telecom Namibia’s operations, resulting in improved efficiency. With a unified system in place, Telecom Namibia can provide faster and more reliable services to its customers. The network’s agility and flexibility enables Telecom Namibia to respond quickly to customer demands and deliver innovative solutions.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Namibia, Dr. Shanapinda stated that Telecom Namibia is excited about the opportunities that the implementation of this system presents. “Telecom Namibia is confident that the successful implementation of the fixed-mobile convergence network will accelerate our digital transformation efforts, enabling Telecom to provide cutting-edge telecommunications solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers in Namibia. This is a huge investment in our network and highlights the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and delivering exceptional services to its customers.”

At the same occasion, Huawei MD, Michael Zhang said: On behalf of Huawei “We are delighted to collaborate with Telecom Namibia on this project. The Fixed Mobile Converged system will not only complement Telecom's network stability but also add significant value to its current offerings. Telecom Namibia will now be able to compete effectively in the highly competitive telecommunications space alongside other industry players. We are confident that our collaboration with Telecom Namibia will be highly successful and will bring significant benefits to Namibia’s ICT sector. We look forward to more cooperation in other areas in future and are excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead for Telecom.

By leveraging Huawei’s expertise and cutting-edge technology, Telecom Namibia aims to provide its customers with an unparalleled telecommunications experience, marked by superior connectivity, enhanced services, and energy efficiency.


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