Windhoek, 28 July 2020 – Telecom Namibia upgraded its Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) hub to ensure faster and reliable IP-based connectivity for users in remote areas. Successful pilot installations of TN’s modern VSAT hub, aptly dubbed Satlink has yielded satisfactory results.

Telecom Namibia recently migrated the Gobabeb Namib Research Institute to the upgraded VSAT platform which provides better throughput, with the aim of improving the customer’s internet experience. Martin Handjamba, a representative of the Research Institute was extremely happy with the reliability that VSAT had to offer, “Your service has shown great reliability in a form of constant stable connection. We do not require lightning speed internet connection but what we need is reliability because of our scientific instruments that need to send data on time. Everyone is happy with your service and I think this is a good start,” said Handjamba.

Justus Shalihu, VSAT Project Manager stated that the roll-out of remote terminals to various areas across Namibia is about to commence. “We have started engaging our customers and will soon commence with the roll-out. We are extremely excited to offer this product which will narrow the digital divide and create a more cohesive Namibia,” he said.

VSAT is a customised integrated voice/fax, data and video satellite communication solution available everywhere, even in the most remote areas in Namibia. Telecom Namibia recognises that ICT is the most effective way to counter the obstacles presented by our country’s geographic barriers. VSAT Technology provides new methods of service delivery and introduces innovations that will create opportunities for economic and social development for all Namibians.

Lukas Shuuya, Acting Chief Technical Information Officer, says VSAT is an ideal solution for those who cannot get a voice and/or broadband internet access via any of our existing wireless or wireline access technologies. “Telecom’s upgraded VSAT is based on the latest high capacity, high throughput and low latency satellite technology and support delivery of both narrowband and broadband connectivity anywhere in Namibia, even in the remotest places. Whether it’s a farmer who requires a high-speed internet connection, a bank that requires the benefits of a high speed and reliable dedicated backup connection, a school, NGO, or mining company in a remote area, that requires a fast and reliable internet connection,” Shuuya said.

Telecom Namibia Satlink service comes with unlimited data volume downloads and high-speed internet access at a flat rate as well as transmission of integrated, voice, fax and internet on one network. Residential and Business customers can choose from a variety of packages on offer and a fixed contract period of 36 months.

To ease migration to the new Satlink packages, Telecom will absorb all once-off device and installation/ service replacement cost for its existing customers.

For more information on Satlink, visit your nearest Teleshop or alternatively contact our Customer Contact Centre on 11000.


Issued by:
Nomvula Kambinda
Head: Corporate Communication & Public Relations
Tel: 0612012484