Product Description

Speedlink Prepaid enables customers to pay for internet service in advance which includes installation and rental for a period of 12-months. Customer will purchase their own CPE (Cash only).

Customer benefits

  • No ITC check
  • Unlimited, always-on and high speed Internet access
  • No contract
  • No monthly bills


Package 1024k 2048k 4096k 6144k 8192k 10240k
Download Speed 1024k 2048k 4096k 6144k 8192k 10240k
Upload Speed 512k 1024k 2048k 2048k 2048k 2048k
Installation Included
CPE Excluded
Internet usage Unlimited
Once-off fee (N$ Vat Excl.) 4,130 5,786 7,067 12,587 15,722 18,218

All pricing excluding VAT
Terms & Conditions Apply



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