tn1 MaxiPro combines the best of our Fixed and Mobile technologies to offer you new possibilities

for your business. Our combined voice and data service is perfect for today’s medium to large enterprises.

tn1 MaxiPro comes with these great benefits:

  • Fixed Mobile Convergence (one stop shop)
  • Reduced call rates within Closed User Group (CUG)
  • Lower call charges by converting landline-to-mobile calls into mobile –mobile rates through least cost routing (LCR)
  • Zero missed calls (call forwarding)
  • 24 months contract period
  • Up to 300 free minutes per user
  • Up to 2GB free data for mobile internet access per user
  • Mobile phone available with every line extension on request

Customers may apply for any of the packages

Monthly subscription fee based on 1 subscriber with 1 device only

tn1 MaxiPro Feature/Pricing - Fixed

Feature tn1 MaxiPro Entry tn1 MaxiPro Standard tn1 MaxiPro Advance
PABX Pre-requisite Pre-requisite Pre-requisite
Trunk 4 - 8 12 - 24 24 - 48
Least Cost Routing Tariff 0.65 0.65 0.65
Call Forwarding 0.65 0.65 0.65

tn1 MaxiPro Feature/Pricing - Mobile

Feature tn1 MaxiPro Entry tn1 MaxiPro Standard tn1 MaxiPro Advance

CLIP 1 & 11

Detailed Billing

GSM Starter Pack

Number of GSM Dual phones

Customer to indicate quality


Nokia Asha 206

Nokia Asha 210

Samsung Duos S7562

Once-off activation fee per subscriber N$ 175.00 N$ 175.00 N$ 175.00
Monthly Fee per subscriber
(Device included)
N$ 269.00 N$ 379.00 N$ 639.00
Monthly Fee per subscriber
(Own devices)
N$ 229.00 N$ 339.00 N$ 519.00
Contract Period (months) 24 mths 24 mths 24 mths

Additional phones will influence monthly subscription

Alternative Phones

tn1 MaxiPro Entry tn1 MaxiPro Standard tn1 MaxiPro Advance

Nokia Asha 205

Nokia 501

Nokia 515

Nokia Asha 208

Samsung Galaxy Star S5282

Terms & Conditions Apply
All pricing excluding VAT



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