tn1 Maxi gives you the power of fixed and mobile internet access, all in one easy to manage package

Telecom Namibia tn1 Maxi package offers fixed data and mobile data combined. The package is offered on post-paid with a pre-set limit to manage budget. The package includes devices such as a 3G dongle with Wi-Fi capability.

tn1MaxiPlus & tn1 Maxi packages consists of Telecom Namibia fixed and mobile products/services

Kindly note that top-up amounts are once-off

tn1 Maxi (Postpaid Hybrid)

Convergence Level Description
Invoice One invoice (Fixed and Mobile Data)
Account One Account for Fixed and Mobile Data Service

2 Wallets (Fixed Data, Mobile Data)
Billing Include 2GB Data and 2048k Unlimited Fixed Broadband

24 Month Contracts
Rate Mobile Data - N$65c/MB
Devices Include - 1 x 3G Dongle, 1 x 2048k Fixed Broadband, 1 tn Mobile SIM card


Fritzbox 7390

tn Mobile SIM card
Payment/Recharge POS (TN Teleshops, Retail Shops, NamPost) / EFT
Balance Enquiry Balance Enquiry via SMS / USSD / Call-in /Email
VAS 1 x 500MB Email Address, 1 x FAX-to-Email Addresses, 1 x Email-to-Fax ( on customer request)
Own device option CPEs Recommendation *For FBB: Fritzbox 7390 or equivalent or better CPE
Own device option (NEW) Included: 2GB Data and 2048k unlimited Fixed Broadband, 1 x tn Mobile SIM card (24 Months)

Subscription Charges

Usage Charges Price Device
Non Recurring Charges (NRC) N$ 299.00 -
Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC) N$ 749.00 Include
Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC) N$ 522.00 Exclude

Usage Charges

Usage Charges Price
Mobile Data N$ 65c / MB
Fixed Data Unlimited

Terms & Conditions Apply
All pricing excluding VAT



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