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Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

Stanley Simataa   Engel Nawatiseb
Stanley Simataa
Minister of Information and Communication Technology
  Engel Nawatiseb
Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology


Board of Directors


Irene Simeon-Kurtz   Damoline Muruko   Fernando Somaeb   Petro Oberholster
Irene Simeon-Kurtz
Acting Chairperson
  Damoline Muruko
Board Member
  Fernando Somaeb
Board Member
  Petro Oberholster
Board Member


        Mr. T. Klein        
        Theodorus Klein
Chief Executive Officer
suspended   A Perny   Calvin Muniswaswa   Laban Hiwilepo   Holger Sircoulomb

Chief Financial Officer
  Armando Perny
Chief Mobile Officer
  Calvin Muniswaswa
Chief Commercial Officer
  Laban Hiwilepo
Chief Operations Officer
  Holger Sircoulomb
Chief Human Resources Officer
Ovia Angula   suspended   suspended
Oiva Angula
Head: Corporate Communication & PR
Head: Internal Audit & Risk Management
Head: Corporate Covernance, Legal Service & Regulatory Affairs


Call Center

Telecom Namibia
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+264 61 1100 / +264 85120

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