1. What is Speedlink lite?

Telecom Namibia Speedl ink lite offers unlimited high speed internet access via Telecom Namibia Fixed Broadband access technologies WIMAX and ADSL to residential/bu siness customers without value added service such as V oice , Fax2Email and ISP services . C ustomers are able to connect to internet with different lifestyle devices such as laptops, smartphone and tablets .

2. Who may apply for this service?

The service is aimed at the following customer segments:

3. What are installation charges for speedlink lite?

Installation charges is N$222 in town and N$333 outside town

4. What are the benefits to customers?

5. Which packages will be offered to customers?

Note: Home and business customer will pay the same price

6. What are the packages and pricing?

6.1. Speedlink lite (Home/Business) Packages

Speedlink lite (Home/Business)

Packages 512k 1024k 2048k 3072k 4096k 5120k 6144k 8192k 10240k
Downlink Speed 512k 1024k 2048k 3072k 4096k 5120k 6144k 8192k 10240k
Uplink Speed 256k 512k 1024k 1536k 2048k 2048k 2048k 2048k 2048k
Monthly charge
N$ 349.00 N$ 499.00 N$ 615.00 N$ 715.00 N$ 1 115.00 N$ 1 285.00 N$ 1 399.00 N$ 1 625.00 N$ 1 978.00
Monthly charge
N$ 329.00 N$ 449.00 N$ 579.00 N$ 679.00 N$ 935.00 N$ 1157.00 N$ 1 259.00 N$ 1 465.00 N$ 1 780.00
Monthly charge
N$ 266.00 N$ 419.00 N$ 555.00 N$ 655.00 N$ 855.00 N$ 1092.00 N$ 1 184.00 N$ 1 385.00 N$ 1 681.00

6.2. Speedlink lite Professional Packages

Packages 1024k 2048k 4096k 6144k 8192k 10240k
Downlink Speed 1024k 2048k 4096k 6144k 8192k 10240k
Uplink Speed 512k 1024k 2048k 2048k 2048k 2048k
Monthly charge
N$ 1 649.00 N$ 1 745.00 N$ 2 159.00 N$ 3 175.00 N$ 4 739.00 N$ 5 465.00
Monthly charge
N$ 1 349.00 N$ 1 479.00 N$ 1 999.00 N$ 3 029.00 N$ 4 679.00 N$ 5 309.00
Monthly charge
N$ 1 269.00 N$ 1 399.00 N$ 1 905.00 N$ 2 705.00 N$ 4 425.00 N$ 5 205.00

This promotion will run for the three month , the price will be normalized to the standard price after the end of promotion and the new applicants will be charged the normal price .

7. What are the pricing and features of the modem ?

(a) CPE’s /Modems

CPE’s /Modems Entry level CPE Mid - Range CPE High End CPE
Access Technology
ADSL Yes Yes Yes
WiMAX Yes Yes Yes
Data Service
Data Port (ADSL) 2 4 4
Data Service (WiMAX) 1 3 3
WiFi NYes - 802.11g and bo Yes - 802.11g and b Yes - 802.11g and b
USB Port Yes Yes Yes
Voice Service
Maximum concurrent phone calls (depending on fixed Broadband package selected) 2 3 3
Analogue Ports 1 1 1
WiFi NYes - 802.11g and bo Yes - 802.11g and b Yes - 802.11g and b
ISDN Ports (S0 - Bus) No No No
Up to six Cordless Support Yes Yes Yes
Material # 13463 13216 13225

8. Does customer get s a free CPE/ modem when signing up for speedlink lite?

9. What are the CPE conditions?

10. What is the warranty on the Telecom Namibia’s CPE?

11 . When must the CPE be issued to the customer?

12. Who will install the modem at customer premises?

13. What is the process to report Speedlink lite service?

14. What will happen after installation of speedlink lite where customer does not buy CPE from Telecom?

15. What are the CPE specification s and network parameters require for CPE configurations?

Type of CPE and configuration:



16. Can the customer apply for email or any other value added service after signing up for Speedlink lite?

Yes, the customer ma y apply and pay applicable rate

17. Can the customer apply for voice line after signing up for speedlink lite?

No, customer will be advised to migrate to traditional speedlink by signing a new contract

Note: Migrate – to the same or high speedlink package

18. Can existing Speedlink customer migrate to speedlink lite?

19. Why should I use TN’s Speedlink lite and no other broadband providers?

TN's Speedlink lite Other broadband providers
Offer data only Offer data only
Internet access contract period – 12,24 and 36 (more affordable) Internet access contract period – 12 and 24
Unlimited as little as internet access at N$ 245 per month for 512k package Capped internet access from N$ 499 per month for 384k package
Installation charges: N$ 222 within town and N$ 333 outside town Installation charges: N$ 500 in Windhoek and N$ 700 outside Windhoek
TN offers Speedlink lite Professional with static IP address Charge additional N$ 200 for static IP address
Countrywide presentation (Teleshops and Technical support) Only in Windhoek
Toll Free Numbers – 1133/1155 Toll free numbers not available

20. Why should the customer subscribe to Telecom Namibia’s Speedlink lite?

Note: CPE – Customer premises equipment