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1. What is Speedlink liteplus?

  • Telecom Namibia’s speedlink liteplus product offers unlimited high speed broadband access via Telecom Namibia access technologies ADSL, VDSL, GPON and Active Ethernet to residential, business and corporate customers without value added services.
  • CPE, Value added service, static IP address an d Voice service are optional on customer request.
  • Customers will have the option to purchase the CPE’s on cash or installment option.

2. What is Asymmetric digital subscriber line ( ADSL )?

Asymmetric digital subscriber line ( ADSL ) is a type of digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines up to 10 Mbps .

3. What is Very High bit - rate Digital Subscriber Line ( VDSL )?

Very High bit - rate Digital Subscriber Line ( VDSL ) service works much like ADSL service as it runs ove r the same copper wires . VDSL offers a much faster data transmission speed th an standard DSL up to 75 Mbps .

4. What is Gigabit Passive Optical Network ( GPON )?

Gigabit Passive Optical N etwork ( PON ) is a telecommunications network that uses point - to - multipoint fiber to the premises in which unpowered optical splitters are used to enable a single optical fiber to serve multiple premises.

5. What is Active Ethernet?

Active Ethernet is a telecommunications network that uses point - to - point and dedicated fiber to the customer premises to provide high speed internet service.

6. What are installation charges for Speedlink liteplus?

  • A once off i nstallation fee of N$222 within MRA and N$333 outside MRA will be charged only to the areas were the service is available.
  • However, in areas w here there is no infrastructure or fibre customer is required to pay for the actual cost to provide the service.

7. In which towns can Speedlink liteplus service been offered?

  • Windhoek - Maerua Mall, Grove Mall and Hosea Kutako International Airport
  • Hardap - Omeya Golf Estate & Residential Oasis
  • Erongo – Hage Heights, Langstrand, Swakopmund Central Business Area and Arandis
  • Karas – Keetmanshoop TN Head Office, Keetmanshoop Mall, Oranjemund, Rosh Pinah and Luderitz

8. Which towns will be ready in phase two?

  • Far North - Oshakati
  • North East - Otavi
  • Erongo - Walvisbay and Kuisebmond
  • Windhoek - Windhoek Central Business area and Northern Industrial Area
  • Hardap - Gobabis, Rehoboth and Mariental,

9. What is the service limitation?

  • The service can be provided within 700 meters radius from MSAN equipment
  • The provision of Speedlink liteplus service is subject to network availability, distance, copper quality and line sync speed limitations

10. What are the benefits to customers?

  • Unlimited , always - on and high speed internet access at flat rate
  • Variety of speed package - more choice more value
  • Flexible contract period – 12, 24 and 36 month
  • Option to apply for value added services separately at any given time
  • Customer can enjoy Wi - Fi with TN’ s Wi - Fi enabled CPE/M odem – CPE/Modem is available on cash and installment option

11. Which packages will be offered to customers?

  • Speedlink liteplus Asymmetric
  • Speedlink liteplus Symmetric

12. What are the packages and pricing?

12.1. Speedlink liteplus (Asymmetric )

Package 15M 25M 50M 75M 100M 120M
Downloadlink Speed 15M 25M 50M 75M 100M 120M
Uplink Speed 7M 10M 15M 25M 35M 40M
Monthly Charge
N$ 2 629.00 N$ 3 879.00 N$ 6 899.00 N$ 10 149.00 N$ 13 389.00 N$ 15 849.00
Monthly Charge
N$ 2 366.00 N$ 3 491.00 N$ 6 209.00 N$ 9 134.00 N$ 12 050.00 N$ 14 264.00
Monthly Charge
N$ 2 235.00 N$ 3 297.00 N$ 5 864.00 N$ 8 627.00 N$ 11 381.00 N$ 13 472.00

12.2. Speedlink liteplus (Symmetric)

Package 1M 2M 5M 10M 15M 25M 50M
Downloadlink Speed 1M 2M 5M 10M 15M 25M 50M
Uplink Speed 1M 2M 5M 10M 15M 25M 50M
Monthly Charge
N$ 999.00 N$ 1 175.00 N$ 1 709.00 N$ 2 595.00 N$ 3 479.00 N$ 5 255.00 N$ 9 689.00
Monthly Charge
N$ 899.00 N$ 1 058.00 N$ 1 538.00 N$ 2 336.00 N$ 3 131.00 N$ 4 730.00 N$ 8 720.00
Monthly Charge
N$ 849.00 N$ 999.00 N$ 1 453.00 N$ 2 206.00 N$ 2 957.00 N$ 4 467.00 N$ 8 236.00

12.3. What are the compatible CPE’s/Modems ?

  • Asymmetric Speedlink liteplus - Fritz! Box 7490
  • Symmetric Speedlink liteplus (Speed from 1M to 2M) Speed - Fr itz! Box 7272
  • Symmetric Speedlink liteplus (Speed from 5M to 50M) - Fritz! Box 7490

(a) CPE’s /Modem

Modems Fritz!Box 7272 Fritz!Box 7490
Access Technology
ADSL Yes Yes
WiMAX Yes Yes
Data Service
Data Port (ADSL) 4
4x gigabit
4x gigabit
Data Service (WiMAX) 3
3x gigabit
3x gigabit
WiFi Yes - 802.11g/b/a
Yes - 802.11g/b/a
USB Port Yes
2x USB 2.0
2x USB 3.0/2.0
Support LTE 4G No Yes
Support 3G Yes Yes
Voice Service
Maximum concurrent phone calls (depending on fixed Broadband package selected) 3 5
Analogue Ports 2 2
Analogue Port 2 2
ISDN Ports (S0 - Bus) 1 1
Cordless Support Yes
Up to six Cordless
Up to six Cordless

13. Do es customer get s a free CPE/ modem when sign ing up for Speedlink liteplus ?

  • No, the packages are offered without the CPE/M odem thus the customer can purchase it at any nearest Teleshop
  • Telecom is offering Wi - Fi enable CPE /M odem with rich features allowing customer connecting to internet seamlessly with l aptops, tablets and smartphones

14. Can the customer apply for CPE, Voice, Static IP address and VAS service when or after signing up for Speedlink liteplus?

  • Yes, customer may apply for CPE, Voice, Static IP address, VAS additionally and pay separately .


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