1. What is VSAT?

  • VSAT stands for “Very Small Aperture Terminal”, Telecom Namibia VSAT Service offers voice and unlimited internet access through VSAT technology using SAtellite antenna capable of transmitting and receiving data in very remote area where it cannot be reached with traditional copper or other broadband technologies Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) to high-end home, farmers and business customers in rural areas
  • The new packages are:
    • a) VSAT Data Package with Speeds ranges from 192 kilobits per second to 2048 kilobits per second kbps (kbps)
    • b) VSAT Voice Package with minimum threshold of N$ 1250.00
  • Additional voice line, provided customer do have already VSAT service with Telecom Namibia (TN)
  • Package do not include customer premises equipment (CPE) and should be pay separately on cash or instalment option

2. What are the customer benefits?

  • Unlimited, always-on and high speed internet access at flat rate
  • Variety of speed package - more choice more value
  • Affordable – 36 Month contract

3. Who are the Target Customers?

The service is aimed at the following customer segments:

  • Government
  • Corporate
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Enterprises
  • Small Enterprises
  • Residential

4. What are the packages and pricing?

4.1. Data only (CPE is excluded)

Data Only 192k 256k 384k 512k 1024k 2048k
Internet Usage Unlimited
Download (kbps) 192 256 384 512 1024 2048
Uplink (kbps) 96 128 128 192 384 512
Monthly Charge
N$ 1 409.00 N$ 1 809.00 N$ 2 119.00 N$ 2 439.00 N$ 5 459.00 N$ 9 749.00

4.2. Voice only (CPE is excluded)

  • Voice package – Inclusive of one voice line at a rental charge of N$395 per month and the customer will be expected to make calls to the value of N$855 per month

4.3. Additional voice line, provided customer do have already VSAT service with TN

  • Additional voice line - N$117 per month (Rental)

4.4. iMail, Web-Space and Fax2Email will be captured as stand-alone and will not be added as optional under VSAT

4.5. Migration and upgrade are free of charge

4.6. Downgrade is N$ 349 once-off

4.7. Required CPE and Installation will be charged separately

5. What are the Terms and Conditions?

  • Telecom shall not be responsible to replace and/or repair the Equipment in the event of general damages such as theft, loss destruction, customer’s negligence, incorrect handling, customers attempts to repair the equipment and by Force Majeure
  • It is customer responsibility to make sure that s/he protect his/her devices from lightning and power surges.
  • It is responsibility of customer to make sure that Lightning Protector is appropriately connected It is the customers responsibility to ensure that it has the requisite insurance to cover such equipment replacement cost
  • VSAT CPE include 12 month guarantee


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