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Telecom Namibia awards bursaries to 13 students

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Telecom Namibia recently awarded annual bursaries to 13 students to study in science related fields at three leading institutions in southern Africa.

Certificates were presented to the students by the Minister of Education Nangolo Mbumba at a special ceremony held on 9 February 2009.

The latest handover brings the total number of students receiving bursaries from Telecom Namibia to 36 this academic year costing the company N$1,6-million.

A total of N$4.84-million will cater for the tuition, books, monthly allowances, accommodation, meals and travelling of these students over the next three years.

Minister Mbumba commended Telecom Namibia for its continued investment in education and contribution to the country’s human resource development agenda.

“By investing in our people we send positive signals out there that we are serious and prepared to play a major role in our own development,” Mbumba said.

The Education Minister urged more Namibian companies to emulate Telecom Namibia in order to help alleviate skills shortage facing the country.

“When more and more companies begin to invest in our youth in the way that Telecom Namibia is doing we should be able to meet the human resource development goals of Vision 2030,” Mbumba said.

The Minister also urged the students to take full advantage of the awarded bursaries by making sure they do well in their studies.

“You must appreciate the fortunate situation in which you find yourselves, because winning a good bursary does not come easily. This is not a gift it is an assignment for you to study hard. You are sponsored by a Namibian telecommunications company, so you must carry this brand.”

Telecom Namibia board chairman Joseph Iita said that the company is convinced that human resource development is a long-term investment which needs “a continuous and systematic development programme in anticipation of changing business needs.”

Added Iita: “Our commitment is derived from our belief that human resources are a strategic asset that provides the company with competition excellence needed to achieve maximum performance.”

The awarded students are Eliaser Jonas, Shalumbu Namutenya, Rumenicke Eiseb, Michelle Handura, Karembera Reinhard, Nakanyala Heikki, Shipena Johanna, Elia Sangunji, Sakaria Naemi, Elizabeth Ekandjo, Katrina Shivute, Munekamba Lorna and Muufika Nande.

Seven the recipients will study Electronic Engineering, four opted for Information Technology, while two are in Accounting.

With the exception of one who will be studying in South Africa, the remaining 12 students will study at the University of Namibia and the Polytechnic of Namibia.