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24 April 2015
By Oiva Angula

WINDHOEK - Namibia took over today the chairmanship of the Southern Africa Telecommunications Association (SATA), thus replacing the Republic of Angola, who led the organisation for 12 months.

The change of guard took place during SATA’s 35th annual conference which started here on Wednesday.

The three-day-conference is an annual event with the main objective to prepare and approve the projects, programmes and budget for the new SATA financial year.

In his report as outgoing SATA chairman, Angola Telecom CEO João Adolfo Martins said that a number of key projects were successfully implemented during his tenure in office. These included the SADC Region Information Infrastructure Project Phase 2; SATA Backhaul Broadband Transmission Links Project and Human Capital Development Project.

Following the completion of SADC Region Information Infrastructure Phase-1 (SRII Phase-1) project, SATA embarked into the implementation of SRII Project Phase-2 which deals with the implementation of the intelligent portion of the project comprising of switches, IP platforms, management, Internet Exchange Points and billing systems in the All-IP environment. This project, he said, is on-going.

As for the Backhaul Transmission Links whose objective was to connect land-linked countries in the region to the western and eastern submarine optical fibre cables, Martins said that all of its missing links in this project were implemented and members have being doing upgrades to the infrastructure.

Angola Telecom CEO said that the project on human capital development is being implemented through the certified centres of excellence in the region and also through the SATA Human Capital Development Workshop which is held annually to share experiences and benchmark good practices.

He said that the certified centres of excellence are Tel.One Centre for Learning (TCFL) in Zimbabwe, Instituto de Formação das Telecomunicações (IFT) in Mozambique and the Telkom SA Centre for Learning.

In his speech as new SATA chairman, the acting Managing Director of Telecom Namibia, Theo Klein said that he is committed to guide the association in the implementation of the various initiatives and projects with the assistance of member organisations.

“I wish to pledge Telecom Namibia’s commitment to SATA as the implementation of the resolutions to be adopted by the CEOs this morning requires commitment and hard work from all of us, and therefore a tall order,” Klein said.

“I am comforted that through your dedication and commitment as members of SATA and through the excellent work being done by the Executive Secretary and the entire Secretariat, we will be able to make SATA grow to meet the challenges of the ever-changing telecommunications landscape,” he added.

He said SATA has already demonstrated its proactiveness and responsiveness to modern era telecommunications challenges and to addressing the needs and aspiration of member organisations.

The new chairman expressed gratitude to the outgoing SATA chairman, João Adolfo Martins, CEO of Angola Telecom, for the “able leadership that guided SATA during the previous year” with wisdom and openness to new ideas and challenges.

The 3-day conference, which was held under the theme: “ICT for the Benefit of All: Transforming our Society through Broadband and ICT Development”, ends today.

Participants are from host Namibia and other SADC member States including Angola, Zambia, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia.

8 July 2013

The annual event organised by Telecom Namibia since 2007 will be held this year at the Safari Hotel in Windhoek on August 7 to 8, 2013.

This year’s summit is anchored on the theme “ICT – New Horizons”. The theme has been designed keeping in mind the great need for focusing on issues where industry can play a greater role in nation building, create an enabling social and business environment that will impact not only job creation with multiplier effect but also has bring technologies to schools, government agencies and businesses to help them to become socially and financially inclusive and globally competitive.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Honourable Joel Kaapanda, is billed as Guest of Honour of the Summit, which brings together key policy makers, Government functionaries, private sector, industry leaders, academia, media and other key collaborators in the ICT sector.

The two-day event would have a galaxy of speakers deliberating on a range of issues that are of importance to Namibia and Namibian ICT sector at the present moment.

Experts will speak on improving ICT ecosystems in the country, updates on developments in the ICT sector, the opportunities, challenges, broadening ecosystem, future trends and projections for the sector and to deliberate on the future course of action to catalyze the current opportunities and carve out a future growth path through a vision

/ roadmap for the ICT sector in Namibia.

The importance of this event also stems from the participation of a number of ICT companies working in Namibia such as: XON, Cisco, AVM, IBM, Torque-IT and Schoemans. These companies are showcasing the latest trends in ICT products and services in addition to benefits that Namibia could reap to reach a prominent rank in this industry.

“Six national ICT summits were held in the past have been resounding successes and so this year's gathering envisions following through and building on the excellence we have established in previous summits,” said Oiva Angula, Senior Manager: Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Telecom Namibia.

“Telecommunications in Namibia – and ICT by extension - is turning to be an Essential Service that ensures smooth functioning of citizens’ daily lives and businesses, helping them to become socially and financially inclusive and globally competitive. It is now evident that by building communications’ infrastructure and services, the overall and inclusive development of the country is accelerated,” Angula further said.

The summit being a much awaited flagship event of Namibian ICT sector, over 800 participants from the industry across the country are expected to attend the Conference at Safari Hotel in Windhoek.

8 July 2013

The Economist Businesswomen Club (EBC), a non-profit organisation for women in Namibia, launched the 16th cycle of the Namibian Businesswomen of the Year Award at a Press conference in Windhoek on 2 July 2013.

Sponsored by Telecom Namibia and Castle Breweries, the awards honour and celebrate women who have excelled in their fields. It also aims to inspire and encourage the future generation of women leaders to achieve their true potential and advance their status in the society.

EBC said that nominations are open and registration forms can be obtained from the Namibia Economist offices; it will be printed in the newspaper, or it can be collected from the regional offices of the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI). Anyone who is associated with or knows an individual who meets the criteria can nominate that person as a candidate. This includes spouses, employees, bankers, small business agencies, attorneys, accountants and business consultants.

The awards will feature overall winners in the categories of business owner, private and corporate sector, community and Government, plus a special category, the Young Business Women. Winners of each of the first three categories automatically become eligible for the Namibian

Businesswoman of the Year Award.

Speaking at the launch of the awards, Oiva Angula, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications and Public Relations, said: “The awards are about celebrating and recognising the amazing contribution that women have made and continue to make to business and community life in our country.

“As a senior manager at Telecom Namibia, I have seen and experienced the power of a woman, as women in our company are playing a huge role and bring a much wider range of people skills and determination to the business to achieve strategic objectives and bottom line results. They are indeed making a fundamental contribution to the success of Telecom Namibia as employees in their various capacities.”

Angula added, “Our advice to all Namibian women is – enter these awards no matter what you do and no matter what the size and capacity of your business, as you have plenty to gain and nothing to lose. Participation in these awards will certainly only add further to your profile and marketability.”

Telecom Namibia and Castle Breweries have sponsored the awards N$79 000 and N$70 000 respectively.



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